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COVID19 Response

MoonLiit & COVID-19


We've created a simple article explaining how COVID19 has affected our business, and what we're doing in response.

Orders are still being shipped out within 2 business days if not sooner!

We are asking all customers to be very patient during this time.  If you don't think you can handle the wait on some of our items (sometimes 1 month or more), kindly refrain from ordering, as it hurts our store greatly when our customers aren't satisfied 💔.

Our Data

USA orders have been arriving within a month (30 days) on average since the pandemic started.

The United Kingdom has seen the lowest impact on delivery times (8-14 Days). 

This is according to our data from the months of February to April of 2020.  

Packages are still being successfully delivered. Expect increased transit times of up to 3 months due to the Coronavirus and very low influx on flights worldwide.

If you want to continue supporting us despite the global situation, feel free to place an order, but be mindful of the delays!  We pride ourselves in offering niche and interesting jewelry & accessories that will become an integral part of you.  Thank you for reading and supporting MoonLiit Accessories.


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