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☕ Comfy Coffee - Sterling Silver Earrings

☕ Comfy Coffee - Sterling Silver Earrings

☕ Comfy Coffee - Sterling Silver Earrings

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~ My Morning Coffee ~

Hear the morning coffee brew,  A cup for you, a cup for me...
My daily joy is soon past due,  My evening will remain carefree. 

Earrings are made of Authentic 925 Sterling Silver & Gold Plating

  These adorable stud earrings will illustrate your love for coffee, or that of a friend.  They are handmade, and of the highest quality and craftsmanship.  

Whether it be for you or a loved one, these sterling silver earrings will warm many  hearts on any occasion. ❤️


Material:  Authentic 925 Sterling Silver + Gold Plating

Finish: Brushed

Construction: Handmade

Style: Stud Earrings

Size:  15.5mm x 12.5mm


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