My Desert Landscape Ring | Wooden Resin Rings

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šŸ°Your New KindgomšŸ°

We've been anxious to announce ourĀ Wearable LandscapeĀ series! A wooden ring lineup thatĀ features miniature scenery.Ā  Our series include anything from a raging snowstorm, canyon depths, and even deep-sea trenches!

šŸ”„Summer DroughtšŸ”„

Our goal was to design a ring thatĀ feels as close as possible to having a miniature landscapeĀ in the middle of a sizzling summer!Ā  We've spent countless hours making each and every ring by hand.Ā Ā An immense amount ofĀ detailĀ went into making these rings, and we'reĀ extremelyĀ proud of it!

ā›°ļøBeautifulĀ Landscapesā›°ļø

Each ring is one-of-a-kind; no two rings will look the same!Ā  We Intentionally designed each and every ring toĀ replicate a natural fiery desertĀ and as such, each ring is completely unique!Ā  We use real woodĀ to bring a stunning and organic feel to your new scenic ring.Ā  Yes,Ā  you'll be wearing something completely original and unlike any other jewelry!

šŸ‘‘Ā You RuleĀ šŸ‘‘Ā 

As newly named royalty,Ā you are, you are entrusted toĀ represent your new village.Ā Ā It's easy to noticeĀ when someone walks by with a miniatureĀ landscapeĀ on their finger!Ā  The ring, as you can see, isĀ perfect for taking pictures!Ā  You'll be sure to steal the showĀ wherever you roam.

BandĀ Material:Ā Wood

StoneĀ Material:Ā Resin

Weight:Ā 30g

Band Width:Ā 12mm

Model No.:Ā ML119D