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Ancient Dragon 🐲 Ambient Lamp [Limited Run]

Ancient Dragon 🐲 Ambient Lamp [Limited Run] - MoonLiit

Ancient Dragon 🐲 Ambient Lamp [Limited Run]

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Our Ancient Dragon Lamp is completely 3D-printed using the most environmentally-friendly PLA to create a gorgeous centerpiece for your room.  Feel your room simulate the feeling of having a dragon nesting on your desk while occasionally spewing fire to heat up your space. 
🔥🔥FIRE, OR ICE?❄️❄️
Our exclusive ambient lamp also comes in 2 variations: PICK A SIDE!  Prefer a dragon with chilling intentions?  Try our Ice Dragon, she'll be glad to send a blizzard your way.  How about an all-out fray against a legion of armed soldiers?  Scorch 'em with the burning rage of the fire dragon!!
Our lamp comes with a micro-USB cable for hours of illumination.  Feel free to keep it plugged, or take it with you around the house to set the mood.
Reptile and Fantasy Lovers alike will absolutely LOVE this brand new addition to our store... yes, exclusively OUR store =)

Base Dimensions:   20cm x 8cm x10cm
Dragon Dimensions: 11cm x 20cm
Construction: 3D Printed
Material:  Environmentally-Friendly PLA
Battery:  Rechargeable (Micro USB Included)


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