Dried Flower Petal Ring | Resin Ring

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Gorgeous, Detailed, and Hand-Made

We've crafted this ring with both natural, and hypoallergenic materials.   Colorful dried petals float inside a clear resin to let light shine through and accentuate the hue of everything inside. 🌹

Unique & One-of-a-Kind

Each ring is one-of-a-kind; no two rings will look the same!  We Intentionally designed each and every ring to replicate colorful landscapes.  From Evergreen Mountains, to Aquatic Depths, you'll be wearing a completely original and scenic ring! 💍

A Photogenic Masterpiece

 A wonderful conversations starter.  It's difficult not to notice when someone walks by with a miniature biome on their finger!  The ring, as you can see, is perfect for taking pictures! 📸  It's the perfect size for its purpose and will definitely steal the show at your next party!

Band Material: Resin

Inner material: Resin Dried Flowers

Surface Width: 15mm

Model Number: ML09018

Sizes: 6.5, 7.5, 8.5,10

Size standard: USA Size

Color: As Shown