Galaxy Drop Bracelet 🌌 | Deluxe Edition

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**The deluxe edition of our very popular Galaxy drop features laser-cut Opal.**Β  This gives the drop a pearly luster that really brings life to the entire bracelet!Β  The cut opal shifts color slightly depending on the lighting; this ties the entire galaxy aesthetic together by adding a subtle twinkle effect as you walk along.

Our MoonLiit-exclusive Galaxy Drop is one of our most treasured creations.Β  Inside a drop of special glass floats a miniature universe.

Each drop is 100% handmade by our crafting experts, and features dazzling colors and shapes that resemble a real solar system!Β  Depending on the version you choose, your Galaxy Drop could include planets, moons, stars, and other spectacular details.

Though we offer various styles, no two Galaxy Drops are the same. That's why we love them so much! This would made a fantastic gift for a space lover, or anyone who loves one-of-a-kind jewelry.Β 

***Product pictures reflect the overall style of bracelet you choose.Β  Since they are hand-made, there may be very slight variations in color, stone size, etc.***Delicate Opal stone isΒ included inside all Deluxe Edition Drops***

Chain Material:Β Leather

Main Stone: Opal

Pendant Material:Β  Special Glass

Pendant Size:Β 2 cm x 2 cm xΒ 2 cm

Length: 12-26CM (adjustable)

Weight:Β 35g

Model No.: B239-A2